July 15, 2020 Kathi Markan

HUD-REAC’s Return To Operations (RTO) Plan

In this July edition of our HUD-REAC newsletter, I will be focusing on what we know thus far regarding HUD-REAC inspections recommencing this year.  Thanks to a call hosted by NAHMA on July 17, 2020 a lot more concrete information was provided!

A link to HUD’s PowerPoint presentation is included at the bottom of this newsletter.


  • Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, HUD has not released a date to resume inspections.
  • HUD will notify Owners/Agents/Public Housing Agencies at least 45 days prior to the planned resumption of HUD-REAC inspections. HUD leadership stressed that there will be no “surprise” inspections – they will remain transparent.



When the RTO rolls out, the following

properties will not be inspected

during the first phase:

All Elderly/Disabled Properties including:

  • 202/811 PRAC
  • Section 232
  • Section 236
  • Public Housing AMPs
  • During the first phase, 129 properties have been given a “high priority” status for a REAC inspection.
    • This is dependent on local health & safety restrictions and property-specific health issues.
    • HUD-REAC will post to their website a list of Public Housing Agencies (PHA) and Property Owners/Agents (POAs) that meet all 5 of the reopening criteria.

  • HUD will require inspectors to wear face masks, gloves and use hand sanitizer, at a minimum, when conducting inspections
  • POAs and PHAs are responsible for communicating local restrictions to the inspectors at the time the inspection is scheduled
  • HUD will determine if an inspection should be cancelled due to local restrictions or reported COVID-19 cases with the guidance of the local HUD office.


Click here to view the full HUD-REAC PowerPoint Presentation